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Facebook Algorithm Change Effects Organic Reach for Pages

Facebook’s mission has always been to make the world more open and connected by providing a platform where anyone can say almost anything. In mid-2017, they changed it to “bringing the world closer together.” But what does that mean in comparison to their old mission and how does that reflect the recent announcement Zuck made at the end of last week stating that peer-to-peer engagement will be ranked higher than peer-to-page engagement? In a long post which you can read here, Zuck explains they’ve noticed people seem…

January 17, 2018

Case Study: Facebook Give Us Back the 20% Text Rule!

We never thought we’d say this as a collective agency, but the new “anything goes” text policy on Facebook is somehow worse than the old 20% text rule. Recently, we launched a campaign for our clients CRAS – The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. We A/B tested four creatives that looked very similar to the screenshot below. Each image in the carousel has the same “[BE] CRAS” text overlay on it. As you can see, a sample image was approved by Facebook’s new text tool. We…

August 4, 2016

Google AdWords: Expanded Text Ads Are Finally Here!

Google announced earlier this quarter for advertisers to brace themselves for a brand new ad format. Google claims Expanded Text Ads will maximize your presence in search result because they incorporate a larger headline and an extra long description. These new ads were specifically designed with mobile use in mind which makes up more than half of where all searches come from. To make room for these bigger ads, AdWords phased out desktop right column ads earlier this year. We are excited to test this new ad…

July 31, 2016


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