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Facebook Algorithm Change Effects Organic Reach for Pages

Facebook’s mission has always been to make the world more open and connected by providing a platform where anyone can say almost anything. In mid-2017, they changed it to “bringing the world closer together.” But what does that mean in comparison to their old mission and how does that reflect the recent announcement Zuck made at the end of last week stating that peer-to-peer engagement will be ranked higher than peer-to-page engagement?

In a long post which you can read here, Zuck explains they’ve noticed people seem to be more happy when they’re having thoughtful interactions with profiles rather than pages. Because Facebook has always been a user-first platform (without users, there is no audience to see ads), Facebook’s decided to go ahead and rank all pages lower than profiles which means they have less of a chance at being seen in the news feed. AKA organic reach is going down again for pages.

Generally speaking, this isn’t good news for folks who run any kind of business page, but the people it hurts most are viral content publishers which includes meme pages and satire news sites – reason being that the engagement that these types of pages generate is just a simple tag, a like, or a share with minimal thought. To overcome the new algorithm change, business pages from this point forward must create content that drives thoughtful conversation in attempt to build a community which ultimately “brings the world closer together.”

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January 17, 2018


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