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Google AdWords: Expanded Text Ads Are Finally Here!

Google announced earlier this quarter for advertisers to brace themselves for a brand new ad format. Google claims Expanded Text Ads will maximize your presence in search result because they incorporate a larger headline and an extra long description. These new ads were specifically designed with mobile use in mind which makes up more than half of where all searches come from.

To make room for these bigger ads, AdWords phased out desktop right column ads earlier this year. We are excited to test this new ad type in all of our clients’ accounts as Google has reported that some advertisers have seen a 20% CTR increase compared to the old text ads.  Bigger text ads means greater visibility. We can only assume that by adopting Expanded Text Ads, we’ll be able to leverage our campaigns more so than ever before.

In addition to larger headlines, Google will automatically draw the domain from the final URL and gives the option for two paths to enhance the display URL up to 15 characters. This puts advertisers who have a long domain name on an even playing field with those who have a short one and also avoids the headache of disapproved ads due to non-matching domains.

expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads hit the TMB Digital Marketing AdWords Manager on July 25th! Stay tuned for a case study on this new ad format. Until then, if you have questions about Expanded Text Ads, pay-per-click advertising, or digital marketing in general, contact us for a free consultation.

July 31, 2016


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