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Management Nightmare: The Vitamin Shoppe is Launching 800 Instagram Accounts

In attempt to localize their marketing efforts, The Vitamin Shoppe has decided to launch one Instagram account for each of their brick and mortar locations. Currently, the chain has over 400 active accounts and is expected to have the rest activated in the next coming months.

Because influencer marketing is such a trend right now, they’re figuring by creating these micro audiences, their employees can champion for their favorite products right to the people in their local market.

According to Vitamin Shoppe, they have one person dedicated to overseeing all of the accounts as just one part of their job. I personally don’t want to know what that person’s other tasks are and how they manage to dedicate the time to attend anything other than clicking 800 links to QA each store’s content let alone all those passwords.

When you consider other large brands such as Jimmy Johns, Starbucks, or even consider one of their direct competitors, GNC who all operate under a single account, you have to take a step back and ask if this is a good idea. When you offer the same or close to the same product at all of your stores, it doesn’t make sense to have multiple accounts. It weakens your brand identity and creates a management nightmare. If the goal is to have your employees be your influencers, then maybe introduce a strategy where certain team members post once a week about products to champion for the brand using their direct network of followers as the audience instead starting from scratch with a new account.

Props to The Vitamin Shoppe for trying something different, but in reality, leaving 800 different people to speak directly for your brand is terrifying.

May 14, 2018


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