With TMB your PPC campaigns are
managed & monitored by humans, not machines.


At TMB Digital Marketing we want our clients to understand all the facets of web activations. There’s no “secret sauce” or mojo — just straight talk about available platforms, what they offer and how they can benefit you and your business.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way
to generate targeted traffic to your web properties.

With the use of popular search engines
(Google and Bing) potential customers are
driven to your web properties through
relevant keyword search results.

Search engines charge you only when a customer clicks on your ad. If customers don’t click on your ad, there is no charge from the search engine – your ad is displayed for free. At TMB Digital Marketing, we constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns, making sure their budgets are converting into leads, new subscribers and sales.

What does a successful PPC campaign look like when you’re working with TMB Digital Marketing? First, we develop customized strategies and messaging that target the right customers. Then we design and build landing pages that drive customers to act. We handle it all – we set up your accounts and manage your budgets and campaigns while you retain ultimate ownership of your accounts. Once your campaign is implemented, we meet with you regularly to report on results, provide analysis and continually suggest any adjustments that could improve performance.

Whether it’s a small or multi-million dollar backed PPC campaign, truly effective PPC marketing requires a personalized management team that has a proven track record. Our team’s successful track record has helped us establish credible relationships with major ad networks like Google and Bing. At TMB Digital Marketing we have the expertise and experience that generates results.


You don't have to increase your ad spend to generate results.

By making optimizations to online campaigns, we are able to show our clients that you don’t always need to increase your ad spend to make a huge return.


At TMB Digital Marketing, we don’t limit ourselves to one search network.

By opting your campaigns into different search networks, we’ll make sure your ads are seen regardless of what search engine your customers prefer. We also monitor your activity on various networks and will recommend budget shifts if we see one network is outperforming the other.


Lower your lead cost

Continuous optimizations and weekly changes allow us to generate more leads at a lower cost for clients. Contact us today to learn more.


Target the right people, with the right messages, on the right media – to generate the right results for your business.

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